Assess and address life struggles

If you are reading through this page, it is likely you are trying to find the right mental health therapist for you in a time where you've decided change is necessary. Many people I've spoken to find this time to be complicated and anxiety-filled. Congratulations on your decision to make changes in your life! Please contact me for a phone consultation to see if I might be a helpful force in your efforts for recovery.

I offer psychotherapy & outpatient mental health services, as well as addiction & substance use recovery counseling, for adults in the comfort of their own homes via secure telehealth/virtual meeting. It is my ultimate goal to make a lasting connection with clients to help them address suffering or difficulties to increase happiness and self-acceptance. I am happy to speak with you to find how I could play a role in this time of change.


  • Having a history of frightening circumstances, in singularity or repetition, can have a profound effect on a person's functioning for decades afterward.

  • Are you struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you an essential worker? Healthcare employee? Or are you stuck at home with no foreseeable end to returning to a workplace?


  • Has your mood been all over the place lately?

  • Have you lost interest in most things you used to enjoy?

  • Have you noticed increased fatigue, change in sleep habits, change in appetite?

  • Have you noticed the urge to avoid everyone?


  • Have you noticed you can't avoid alcohol, drugs, spending, or sex for even just a day as a method of coping?

  • Are emotions so intense that you can't stand sitting with them?

  • Have you noticed substances and behaviors that used to make you feel better don't work any more?

Anxiety and Perfectionism

  • Is your mind racing constantly? Circling the same thought, fear, or worry?

  • Are you having difficulty not making things "perfect"?

  • Have you noticed repetitive habits, thoughts, or actions that used to make you feel better?

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that was originally developed to treat chronic suicidality in clients. It has evolved to treat a multitude of disorders, including addiction, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and personality disorders. This therapy consists of individual therapy and DBT skills coaching & education. DBT attends to mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance skills. Read more here at The University of Washington.

What is Internal Family Systems?

Internal Family Systems is a modality consisting of internal healing of various parts of the self. It is increasing its scientific evidence of effectiveness for clients with a history of trauma and self-esteem difficulties. Read more here at the IFS Institute.